Haiku Deck – Presentations in a New Way

The Power of Images in Teaching and Learning

I first learned about Haiku Deck from some of my PLN members on Twitter. I know that all teachers are familiar with Powerpoint and Keynote for presentations, but I like to explore new options and see what is out there.

At first glance, Haiku Deck seems like a pretty standard presentation platform. There is an app version for iPads and a web-based version for creating products on your computer. The presentations are broken down into slide form, which can be play automatically or clicked through at your own pace. However, the company really focuses on helping people develop creative, visually appealing presentations that will engage audiences in new ways.  Haiku Deck encourages you to make images – not bullet points and mountains of text –  the focal point of your work. They even limit the amount of text that you can put on a single slide to make sure that users do not overwhelm their audience.

We’ve all sat through professional development sessions where people have literally read text aloud from a standard Powerpoint template. And as teachers, most of us have probably used them for students to copy notes or complete study guides. But if you really want your audience to LISTEN to what you are saying and THINK about the topic at hand, Haiku Deck can be a really beautiful option to harness the power of imagery.

Here are a few other awesome examples Haiku Deck. Check out their galleries to see how others are using this product in education, social media, business,travel,  and other fields.

Ten Tips to Transform your Presentations the Haiku Deck Way

Step Away from the Bullet Points by Dr. Brian Housand (hosted on SlideShare)


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