Symbaloo – Visual Bookmarking

Symbaloo - Visual Bookmarking

I was working with a teacher today who wanted to help her students research and find information about the civil rights movement. Her students were new to gathering information online, and she wanted to provide some scaffolding to help guide them and prevent them from being overwhelmed by all the information available online. There are a number of tools to can help with this task, including Advanced Google Search tools, however, I recommended a simple site called Symbaloo.

Symbaloo is a visual bookmarking and sharing site, and teachers can create “webmixes”. A webmix is simply a list of links that you can curate and arrange in an easy to view, pleasing format. You can group the icons in any way that you wish, and even color-code them based on what type of tool or resource they might be. The webmix pictured above is educator Bradley Lands created with his top 52 Web 2.0 resources for students and education. If you want to explore the tools listed there, here is the direct link:

Student WebTools

Symbaloo would be great for guiding student research or providing them with pre-approved tools for creating the end product for a PBL or other major project. Outside of education, some people just like the look and layout of a Symbaloo homepage for accessing their email, favorite newspapers, or shopping sites.

It is free to sign up for a Symbaloo account – so sign up today and try it out!