SoulPancake – Ideas for inspiring creativity

SoulPancake is a site co-created by Rainn Wilson with different creative “activities” that people can submit to answer some of “life’s big questions.” On the site, it gives people options to upload pictures or written responses to some interesting prompts, questions, and photos. A junior high teacher might not want their students to post directly on the site for privacy reasons, and some of the topics would not quite be age-appropriate for our students. However, t I think it’s worth exploring to find some engaging writing prompts for warm-ups or other practice. You could also see what others have submitted and maybe bring those back to your class to open up a discussion?

Here are some of the topics I found that seemed like they might be cool for middle-level students:

No-Stalgia: List 5 things that you are glad that you never have to experience again

Write your Biography in 10 words or less

Tweeting to the Oldies: Describe the sights, sounds, and smells of your grandparents in 140 characters or less